Thursday, March 26, 2009


i have gone absolutely crazy, i'm listening some kind of alien music


Eighty4 said...

sometimes i have days like this

Awesome Sara said...

LOL, I liek that alien guy. he's so shiny like he's made out of candy. i want to eat him. anywho, thank you for following my bloggie. i'm following you too! i'm digging the site and you are adorkable! i think this is the start of a weird wonderful blog-relationship.

Eve said...

aliens are cool! haha
and ok my email is

thank you<3!

Zoey said...

haha i like that picture! btw i changed my link from to thankk you for followinggg!

Twiggy Mod said...

Hello Hi

Your blog is ACE.

&your very funny :) shall be visiting here daily.

& your on lookbook-i joined today slightly addicted!

Oh and i dont know what to wear with mine can you help? i wore them with pumps and blazer dressed down, but what about dressed up? x

Pen Pen said...

Did u get the music from Tom Cruise?! -cuz that's the only way to be sure u have the authentic thing!

Awesome Sara said...

hey where are you?? you haven't posted in a while, u ok?