Thursday, May 7, 2009

my hamster looked a little like this

as you may think that i'm dead, but i'm not :)
unfortunately my hamster is, he died week ago and he was pretty old too, like 4 years or something like that.
a lot has been going on
i went to SLADE and it was fun, my relatives were there and it was a bit awkward :)
and my music school's exam went pretty good
i hope that i can go to hultsfred festival or some kind of music festival,
last year was miserable, i was in sweden when the hultsfred festival was on and i wasn't there !!! it was torture

kings of leon-Arizona


Alberto Hugo Rojas said...

jijijiji. muy bonito tiene carita de pillin

Eve said...

the hamster is sooo cute!! i always wanted one! ^_^ i have a turtle. they last forever haha i've had mines since 2000! o_o so its like 9-10 years old now.

I love your new header! ^_^~!

Anonymous said...

1 <3 fetivals, they are so much fun. R.I.P. your hamsters, ours went mising for a while , so I do sympathise, have a greatSunday.

Mona said...

I had a hamster too! 4 years is quite old! However the picture looks cute, somehow!

Awesome Sara said...

omg!!! so cute so cute!!!

A-M said...

see hamster on ├╝liarmas :)

LLIIISU . :) said...

cool pictures, :)